How To Respond to Reviewers Comments (repost)

I am really excited in sharing with you this Webinar by Elsevier Publishing Campus on how a researcher should deal with the reviewer's comments. I really encourage young researchers to sign up to Elsevier Publishing Campus for free lectures and very interactive training. Whether it be your interested in writing a journal article, wondering how the peer review process is conducted or even understanding publishing ethics, whatever it may be, EPC has many resources to help researchers achieve some of their goals. 

Often enough, authors are asked to revise their paper with minor or major revisions and in many other likely cases the paper is rejected. Regardless of the type of response, the authors receive a series of comments that have been forwarded from the reviewers to the editor .

I've just finished listening to this webinar and I found it to be very well-structured, informative and includes a compilation of key points to remember the next time we deal with response letters. In fact, I have just received a decision letter this morning and unfortunately for the second time in a row with the same journal, my paper has been rejected. 

The best advice is to stay positive and remember it is not a sprint, it is a marathon !

To download a copy of the presentation slides click here

To view the webinar click here.


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