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Webinar Writing Quality Technical Papers March 2015

I will be attending this webinar on how to write a quality technical paper and where to publish it in IEEE given by Professor Saifur Rahman. Click here to visit his homepage, you can also view his Google Scholar profile here.

Date and Time: March 3, 2015, 2:00 pm (-5 GMT)

Thinking Out Loud....

Exactly a year ago I launched this blog. Now, what were the reasons and why now that you can read all about it here, I am not here to talk about that right now. Today, during this anniversary and in the event of past and recent circumstances, I find myself required to share with you, for few minutes some of my thoughts... compelled to think out loud.
Awkwardly enough today I don't have anything prepared on a piece of paper and I care less of the structure of this post. So why not start with the relevant question. 2014. I designed my blog, launched it and wrote my first post not far from where I am sitting here right now, just across the neighboring parking lot, in a small apartment, sharing one roof with 3 other students, the longest conversation I've had with any was when I assisted the young fellow to order his chicken from St-Hubert.
When I look at myself 12 month later I am conflicted. I am now one month into my second PhD year, published two papers, grateful for that, I …