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Winner of the ''Présenter Ma Thèse en 180 Secondes'' at UQAC

A year ago, I received an invitation from my university to participate in the known competition of ''Présenter Ma Thèse en 180 Secondes''. Like the many emails I receive, I did not give it any value, and to be honest I was busy preparing for my doctoral exams. Also, I had just terminated my first year and all I had really conducted was a very long bibliographic review. I was just beginning to understand my thesis and a year later, I can honestly say that many of the initial objectives have been modified and my research has a new set of targets. 

Long story short, this year I received the same invitation, and for some reason I starred the email and took note to maybe give it more consideration this time. I replied to the organizer at my university and asked him to send me more information regarding the competition.