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New Editorial System EVISE

If your a researcher submitting your paper to a journal published through Elsevier, your familiar with their current submission system called EES (Elsevier Editorial System). The interface is very basic for an author point of view, but it is even more rigorous for the editors to work with. It is obvious it requires an updated version, particularly since competing journals have been using for years a more advanced editorial system.

I'd like to share with you a detailed article about the new editorial system called EVISE, that is expected to be used by all Elsevier journals by October 2016. 
Click here to read the full article.

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How do Editors Look at Your Paper (repost)

''When you are doing research you are primarily focused on your hypothesis, methods, test results and research outcome. You are an expert in your research field and are very aware of what others are researching and publishing too. But the actual art of gettign your own paper ready for publication requires quite some expertise and a great deal of serious attention and preparation.''(Source)
I really recommend you watch this online lecture that includes valuable points that should be taken when you choose a journal for submission.  Q & A session: with Elsevier's Executive Publisher Jaap van HartenModerator: Gwendolyn Holstege, Researcher Relation Manager at Elsevier  Click here to view the video.

Research Article: Optimal design for a composite wind turbine blade with fatigue and failure constraints

My latest article to appear online is entitled Optimal Design for a Composite Wind Turbine Blade with Fatigue and Failure Constraints. This is the first paper I wrote in the course of my PhD, submitted to the journal of Transaction of the Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineeringin January 2014, and accepted in December 2014 (Vol. 39, No. 2, 2015). 

9eme Colloque de l'industrie Éolienne Québécoise

The Ninth Quebec Wind Energy Conference was not an event to be missed, gathering over 250 participants from diverse backgrounds. At the core of this annual event, wind industry issues and innovations in all its forms are discussed. 
The theme this year was Driven by Wind!
I had the pleasure to attend the seventh Conference two years ago held in the city of Matane, Quebec, Canada which focused on the theme of An Agenda for the Future. This coincided with the announcement by the Government of Quebec regarding the 800 MW wind power development. The Minister of Tourism and the representative for the Bas-Saint-Laurent region spoke on behalf of the Government of Quebec.  
This year, the conference was held at the beautiful shore village of Carleton-sur-Mer, in the Baie Bleue Hotel venue the 15, 16 and 17 June 2015.

1st Artificial Intelligence Summer School at AUB

An exciting event will be held this month at the American University in Beirut:

1st Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summer School

Over the course of six days, from June 15thuntil June 20th 2015, the participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of AI as well as advanced concepts during seminars and workshops. 

For more information and registration, click here
and visit the Facebook page.

Time for Academic Writing to Evolve

Here is a very nice article I stumbled while surfing the web. Time for academic writing to evolve, a leap from dull and boring writing towards a more modern and attractive style. 
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Here is a small sample of the article, click here for full article [Source Elsevier]. 
"Communication is a vital part of the academic process: sharing results with your peers means your research builds the knowledge base, adding to our understanding of the universe and everything that goes on inside it.

So why does the writing have to be so dull?

Optimization Problem Solved by a Genetic Algorithm - Wifi Antenna

Suppose you run a small business in your town, let's call your town Smallville, and no unfortunately Clark Kent is absent in this story. Two years ago they found black gold, yes oil and gas, and our countryside town is emerging and growing at an exponential rate. They have expanded the local clinic into a hospital, constructed an elementary school 15 miles north west of the library, the grand opening of the 4 star hotel is set to be in a month and finally the keys for 50 more residential houses are expected to be handed to the owners by the end of the year. If your business is to provide Internet to the locals, you have no choice but to expand your services in order to adapt with the increasing demands. 
On a Monday morning you sit back behind the desktop of your office, a couple of Google searches and a few emails later you order a new top of the class antenna that can provide 10 times more data than your current installation. Ten business days later, your brand new X3100 arrive…

Webinar Writing Quality Technical Papers March 2015

I will be attending this webinar on how to write a quality technical paper and where to publish it in IEEE given by Professor Saifur Rahman. Click here to visit his homepage, you can also view his Google Scholar profile here.

Date and Time: March 3, 2015, 2:00 pm (-5 GMT)

Thinking Out Loud....

Exactly a year ago I launched this blog. Now, what were the reasons and why now that you can read all about it here, I am not here to talk about that right now. Today, during this anniversary and in the event of past and recent circumstances, I find myself required to share with you, for few minutes some of my thoughts... compelled to think out loud.
Awkwardly enough today I don't have anything prepared on a piece of paper and I care less of the structure of this post. So why not start with the relevant question. 2014. I designed my blog, launched it and wrote my first post not far from where I am sitting here right now, just across the neighboring parking lot, in a small apartment, sharing one roof with 3 other students, the longest conversation I've had with any was when I assisted the young fellow to order his chicken from St-Hubert.
When I look at myself 12 month later I am conflicted. I am now one month into my second PhD year, published two papers, grateful for that, I …

Review Article: Review of Performance Optimization Techniques Applied to Wind Turbines

My latest publication is a review paper titled Review of Performance Optimization Techniques Applied to Wind Turbines. I submitted my review to the journal of Applied Energy in August 2014 and it was accepted on December 21 2014. The article is now available online and should be published in Volume 132 (15 March 2015).